process update

the process continues, amongst boxes and packing. packing is daunting ... a painful but necessary truth, sad yet invigorating at the same time. kind of like fall.


  1. so pretty. I'm hoping that cooler weather is coming soon!

  2. Just hang in there. Change can be a beautiful thing... in seasons and homes! I'm so excited for you guys.

    P.s. I am seriously crazy in love with this rooster. I would appreciate notification as soon as he's up on Etsy!

  3. You can do it Kiele!! Think about me doing it 6 times in 11 years with kids and animals...eeekk! That explains a lot of my spastic-ness, huh??!! I need to go and lie down now for my former self, lol...hang in there, it is an awesome adventure you are in the midst of xoxoxo

  4. i love the lobster bands!!

    and PS you can do it :)


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