progress:: falling into place

this first one is either unfinished or done. it's a 50/50 chance. letting her sit for longer. second and third are "done". when can a painting ever just be "done"? hmm....
the brain corals (coxcomb celosia)!! they were there again. at the farmer's market. so this time they came home with me (as did some basil and a mummy-bouquet, i couldn't resist that dahlia.) i know you feel better now, seeing that come full circle.
18 lobsters, 8 people ... it's not sick. it's awesome. i wouldn't want to end summer any other way. orlosk-gregoire-1/2moher lobsterfest 2K11. except next time we need scott. and ryan. (and i'm pretty grateful that my family and my in-law family can all be in the same room with each other and enjoy it. they all must love us that much.)


  1. :) OK 1. I am obsessed with the 2nd painting. 2. That dahlia is gorgeous and I hope it's still around on Friday night, so I can see/smell it in real life. AND 3. HOLY Lobstahhhhhhhhhhhhhs!

  2. !!! thank you !!! im so glad. dahlia should still be around, it's hangin at the beach house right now. i would be willing to eat lobbs again with you if you need. i mean, you don't have to twist my arm about that.

  3. your paintings are beautiful.
    know what you mean about the finished question :)

  4. thank you belinda i'm so honored to hear you say that... and i'm so glad you understand!


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