love is hiding all over the place

-we got married a year ago! (a year and a few days ago...)
-it's easy to love the glamorous memories, but even the lame ones are certainly better together. 
-excited to see which 9/18 traditions stick.
-i got a piece by robin luciano beaty!! from the very inspiring three graces gallery
-someone who HATES eggs learned how to MAKE me eggs 
( image via )
-and last but not least ---we went to craigie on main. it was the best food experience.... ever. i'll just say that it involved a 6 course tasting "chef's whim" menu so each course was a total surprise and i was bouncing in my seat. we talked about it all the way home. each course was 100% pure, honest, simply gorgeous, un-fussed, no-joke perfectly prepared + paired, wicked creative ... and 500% delicious. words don't even do it justice. i should have taken pictures. but even then. good lord.

i'm finding all other foods, preparations, or ideals to be less worthy, which isn't working out.

*thank you all so much for the rooster love - stay tuned for more on here and etsy!


  1. Love IS hiding all over the place. The Craigie on Main post is a bit too much teasing for me, though... seeing as I live three THOUSAND miles from Massachusetts. :(

  2. I love all the links in this post, AND that Jay made you fried eggs. They look delish! THAT is love.

  3. okay, now i remember your anniversary art. so cool!


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