here are two sneak peeks at custom orders i've been working on! the top one is a long + skinny shell, for a grouping of other small shell paintings. the second is a fragmented, sparkling vision of hope for a certain special custom order. i'll show you the full piece when finished.

confessions of a bad blogger:

i've been way m.i.a with this blog lately! i apologize to my (several?) readers. i hope you are still here, whoever you are, i truly appreciate you. sometimes, i'm not even sure why i have this blog. on the other hand, it's only 8 months old, it still has growing to do. i have many stacked up images to share, ideas, and art that i want to make. inspirations. but also a lot going on, and never enough time to express, or not exactly sure how to express. trouble with being an artist is the rush of ideas, the need to express, those are curses + blessings at the same time. i feel careful with what i share, and i'm overly thoughtful, so, it takes longer than it probably should. and honestly, i'm still figuring out what this blog is about and i thought that was something i shouldn't admit to my "readers", i figured i should at least act like i totally know what i'm doing here and why. it feels better to admit.


there are so many blogs out there that i love, some because they're more witty and funny than i could ever be, some because they post 3 times a day with awesome inspirational finds, some because they're pursuing something totally different than i am, but i feel a connection and it inspires me. all of those are really great and unexpected things... i'm so grateful for the handful of special relationships i've made just through having this blog... and i love to sit with coffee or tea + cheese, and delve into them (and find more!) for hours. (let's not get started on the lovely madness of pinterest!)


these days, with twitter and pinterest and facebook and blogs and instagrams and etsy ... we have so many places to put our inspirations and so many ways to share our worlds. it also means our minds can be torn in so many directions with ideas and inspirations, (and comparisons),  it can almost make you crazy. make our brains frozen in time like that "refrigerator coma" commercial. some of these social medias are genius + now necessary, some are just necessary evils. it's hard to balance when you're not naturally a social butterfly. or maybe even if you are! when we had no power for a few days last week, that pressure was lifted. i felt more connected and hands-on with my own tangible life. How to do you stay true to yourself while also sharing so many parts, in so many directions?


beyond sharing the process of re-routing my art career, my blog, as feast-or-famine as my art, has become a place to put my photos, which can be my biggest inspiration. they include my thoughts, without words, they're visual, colorful, and are the start of my ideas. the things that are evoked in my mind from those photos may or may not be of interest to others, but having a place to put them, to categorize them, to mix + match them, capture or create feelings, keeps me moving forward. being able to share thoughts that spark my interest in the same way, is a bonus. being able to look back on the progress of my art work, is another. whether art related, or not, it's a way to explore my surroundings and those gut feelings, those fleeting moments, which flicker + bounce through life.



  1. oh goodness, I think all of us bloggers feel this! I know I certainly feel this every day. It's so hard to keep up with everything these days so don't beat yourself up about it. The most important thing is staying true to yourself - if you don't feel inspired, don't force it! Your work is lovely because it's genuine and unique...it's been so fun getting to know you through this little place!

  2. You're inspiring. All of this makes me realize how much I missed your 'non-Friday' blog posts... I know I'm not the only one.

    And oh, how I love the sparkle.

  3. Keri is not the only one...I check everyday and am so excited when there's something new!

  4. Kiele, very well written and I love your honesty and thoughts...I'm with the others, I'm always excited when there is something new from you. Keep up with your blog as long as you are inspired and you have fun with it. XOXO

  5. can you just tell me how i can buy one of the second sparkly ones? i love it. i mean i seriously love it. so much so that i sent to my design team as inspiration for my website that is being finalized as we speak.

    don't worry about inspiration overload, it happens to the best of us. that and blogger burnout. did you know i did a post about this very thing today?

    keep doing what you're doing, because we all just love it :)

  6. Love this post Kiele! So hard to juggle it all but keeping perspective and those important people and things in your life on top of the priority list is the way to go. =)

  7. Wonderfully put. thank you so much Mel!


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