awesome title.

what do you think of this new painting?

thanks so much guys, for your nice words yesterday - it really made me feel better to get all that out, not to mention get such nice responses. it's a happy feeling to go on vacation with a little more reflection and reassurance in the back of my mind about what i'm doing and why. and not feel so alone. we're leaving tomorrow to visit jay's parents' new place in florida. since i don't yet have an iphone, i'll stock up bits of excitement in my head and share it with you when we get home.

in the meantime, here are some other happy feelings i've been meaning to share:

thanks again my peeps. relax, and have an inspiring week! i'll see you soon.


  1. I get a 'feeling' when I look at this peice. Does it have a name yet? I love. You should share the 'story/inspiration' behind it... ;) Or maybe I will!

    And p.s. I love all the links in this post. The beach plastic art is so awesome.

    Have fun in FL, love!

  2. Very interesting and beautiful painting... Have been looking at it several times today, there is just something about it, but I can't grab what it is. The beach plastic is amazing...never imagined what you can do with "trash".
    Have fun in FL, can't wait to read more from you.

  3. Thank you Dunja, so much. so so much :)

  4. great post!! I really enjoyed the linnked stories, as well...the beach plastic couple : )) and Jaimie , of course! xoxxo

  5. Thanks for posting the recipe... I don't think I would have found HappyYolks without it, and now I can't imagine that I haven't been reading her forever!

    The painting is beautiful... I would love one for my living room wall!


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