I'm thankful for YOU (and antlers).

when i was little i had nightmares about manly deer with deep voices and red sox hats (think: a combination of bambi's father, and THIS GUY) i love that guy, and watching just that little bit of that movie right now makes me crazy happy, so i'm not sure why he was included in the concoction of such a nightmare. antlers have always fascinated me. the house i grew up in had a lot of woods behind it, and we would frequently see deer there. last month, in the newfound rinny woods behind my own house, my good old friend kaci, (and my good new friend merri) and i, saw a huge buck dash across a cliff and into the woods. his antlers clattered with the tree branches. we were in awe. the mystique of antlers has gone from totally frightening to really inspiring. and what happens when it keeps tapping you on the shoulder ... it just happens to come out all over the place.

and i'm thankful for that.

and for blog readers like you.

you keep me motivated and inspired, whether i'm exploring a lifelong hunch or entertaining a quick feeling. you're a different and special kind of support, more than you probably know. i wish you a very happy thanksgiving weekend! so....

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  1. Have you noticed how much those antlers look like seaweed? :)

    Blessings to you this beautiful Thanksgiving week!

  2. i really like those top antlers. and i'm glad the buck inspired you -- it was meant to be.


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