organize, schmorganize

today, i spent the day organizing, backing up, deleting from my massive photo archives.

do any of you still print your photos, on physical paper, and put them into an album of sorts?

i do. i still feel the need to have my favorites printed out and kept safe. but, they take up space and can become overwhelming. and now that everything is so digital, it's so easy (or, is it, really?) to share and store photos in virtual places.

do any of you use flickr? does that help?

for backing up, i use an external hard drive and do it manually so i know what's going on, but it's really not in any sort of organization besides by date ... so even though i HAVE all the photos in the world, it would never entice me to go back and find something in there. EW.

so i beg of you- please tell me!- what are your favorite ways to organize and store photos?

i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving. don't forget to use the code LOVEYOUTURKEYS in my etsy shop - today is the last day!


  1. Hey Kiele, I do the same thing, hard drive store them, but not happy at all about it. Still print a few, but just use photo boxes (and a drawer to store them in) I too want a better plan...this ran through my head last week: buying cheaper SD cards and keeping them in little cases with dates/labels? But haven't looked into it yet xoxoox Auntie Jess

  2. It is tricky! I print photos I want to frame and few favs, but I just have them backed up. And I love that you asked if it really is easier. Does (non-essential) technology make our lives easier or do we just fill our life with more digital crap?

    Sorry. I'm not helpful:)

  3. I really like that you print photos. I want to do that more -- we print photos about once every two years, either to send to family or to frame. T and I disagree on how useful prints are. I always think of my photo prof who was pro-digital but held onto the idea that it's nice to have, at the very least, prints. (Really he liked the idea of double-shooting in film a bit and having negatives in a drawer in case digital files got lost or obsolete...but I'm not going to do that anytime soon, as romantic as it sounds.)

    I'm pretty happy with my digital organization: photos are organized by year, then by a text folder name, like "Town Forest." I'm still manually backing up photo files on my external drives, though, which is a pain! I'd imagine if you get the organization to a point that you like, setting up a wireless external drive with automatic updates (like Time Machine, although I'm not sure if that's exactly what you'd want) would make it fairly easy, something you would only have to check on occasionally instead of doing everything yourself.

  4. I love all of your responses! it makes me feel so much better to know that you feel it too, and that there is a way .. and that way doesn't have to be much more complicated than now. thank you all!!


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