somebody else's sea

though i am partial to my own sea here in new england, i love to view (and smell and touch and taste and give love to) other people's seas too. celebrate how other parts of the country, or world, regard their sea, how it smells or looks different, or how it's stories are connected. 
florida was a wonderful vacation. i spent some serious time with my in-laws ("out-laws" as they like to be called) which was really nice. you never stop getting to know people. and jay and i got to hang out every single day. sounds barf-y, but it's awesome. it's fun to be able to turn around and have his attention anytime i want. unlike the rest of our everyday lives, where random thoughts don't get much any attention post-work, and hugs + kisses are saved for morning and night. yay for vacations. and yay for coming home. ( to our house! )

this vacation was another time for me to reflect on the social-media-less life that takes priority, and just how good it feels. social media should enhance your life, not the other way around. making a plan for internet time and sticking to it, helps. foregoing altogether is a tempting option, but for now, i think we're all still enjoying the expression, inspiration and connection. which is all is should come down to each time. if there's more than that involved, like pressure, priorities, etc., then just re-focus. it really helps to have others validate your feelings and i was relieved to find this post by one of the connections i never would have made without this blog. read more on this subject here. thank you, jacin!

more bits of tropical to come, but for now, one thought:

i was all into finding a florida farmer's market. visions of oranges and grapefruits and flowers ... only to find ... maine lobster rolls? and cider doughnuts? florida, i know new england is the coolest and all, but, i was trying to discover your own lovely quirks and you made me a fool. Oh well, we really did have a fun and relaxing time. more visuals for your eyeballs to feast upon coming soon!

in other news, my paintings made it into some pretty cool sea-painting etsy treasuries. lots of other people's seas to be admired here! and here!
and some "skinny" items here!


  1. I'm glad you had a fun vaca in FL with your hubby and 'outlaws'. Can't wait to see/hear more!

    Also, thanks for sharing Jacin's post. You girls couldn't be more right about social media outlets. Pressures, growth, opportunities, annoyances, connections, endings... I get it.

    P.s. FL has lobster envy I think. I wonder if anyone would eat a "Florida lobster roll"..??

  2. We're all in this together :)

    i ate conch a couple times, they totally should have conch rolls or crab claw rolls! what the heck!

  3. yay can't wait to check out etsy today!! :)

    glad you enjoyed your trip :)


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