brain stew

this is the product of brain stew. i enjoy that it happens to me. but then i try to make it go further, before it's ready... and then i don't enjoy the heart burn from those thoughts. just let it be brain stew. you'll know when it's ready. i mean i don't open the oven 100 times to know when the roasted vegetables are done. easier said than done.
i realized my sketches from 2006 look like precursors to my sketches now-a-days. those ideas are with me forever. so i wonder what now, will have been a precursor for, later.

so- these are just studies. good for sitting around and yelling out possibilities. but for now, if they make you feel something, tell me.

what do you think?


  1. Awesome. They make me feel like I'm inside your mind or something... and your brain is a beach of beautiful colors and shapes. I think what I like best is how they feel so real AND whimsical-edgy at the same time. You inspire me. Gloooorrrrrrioussssssss! <3

  2. love. double love. hmmm...i might need these or something like them to hang in my bathroom... i'm redoing it and they might be perfect!

    let's talk!

  3. thanks so much ker! i so appreciate your thoughts, good ones very good ones :)

    abbie, i would love LOVE to make you something for your bathroom! i'll go over to your fabulous blog right now and see how i can contact you :)


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