i am owned by summertime. a division of seasons.

has anyone else ever shucked their own oysters? not me, but my sister has. proof:

have you ever seen such a cuteness combo as a baby and a puppy, on the beach, together? (note: this is not our baby-- she walked over for the puppy-- and not our puppy---it's our friend's puppy... but it is our beach, and it was a totally cute.)
augie is the ultimate beach dog. fluffy and lazy and tan.


  1. Did you eat an oyster too!? That's so awesome! Augie is so so adorable. Note: One day, it will be your baby, and your dog... ;)

  2. Augie looks like a tan Ted....I love him, but not as much as I love my Theodore

  3. you are making me miss new england!!!! love this.

  4. i didn't eat one, she bought them from work and there were only 6. but i DID have some the other day! have you ever had them ker?

    i'll have to tell daniela, we decided he IS a ted! a bigger ted...


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