process: things that stick out

this creative life is a journey and a process and that's why i started this blog. holo holo. right? yes. hell yes. but i do lose sight of that a lot, trying to keep up with things online, always re-evaluating and trying to understand where my creative life should lead, and trying to have small "successes". but it's really about redefining what success means for me. as an artist. and for my life. we are so conditioned for success to mean instant, proven, validating evidence, that we lose sight of what's right in front of us, what our hearts know to do. and that there is more to evolve than we can know. i have to always remind myself to trust that, and stay true to myself. it feels so good, that it seems so silly that that would be such a hard thing to do, but it is.

i've really enjoyed a recent post and podcast by creative thursday. she's shared some wise revelations and important conversation starters from her on-going journey as an artist, designer, illustrator, entrepreneur. i couldn't believe someone was talking so openly and honestly about things i thought ... bringing awareness to the challenges of a creative life that i felt guilty for lamenting over... proving to me that there are plenty of people out there who understand, who have come from the same place i'm at now, and who still made it, who are still excited about creating. (check out her "best proof ever" comments in the princess & the pea post) she opened my eyes a little more to the challenge, but also the freedom, that comes from living this life. "the best thing you can do is trust yourself."

lone marsh houses

figuring out (or just imagining) how things grow
lots of dune grass

colors (and feet)
wedding heart rocks, hiding out
new england reminding me of maui + kauai
new england looking so new england
curious + scary lone marsh houses.
on the other side of the shack it says "no evacuation possible" ... !?

(p.s. check it out- my clam shell note cards were featured in a she sells seashells etsy treasury by addrianesoapshack)


  1. thanks for your visit and comment :)
    i love marisa's podcasts and thoughts on this creative life!!
    lovely photos. have a great weekend.

  2. kiele, your heart is beautiful. i love to see your thoughts on art, your process, and life. it's difficult for me to always be satisfied and comfortable with doing what my heart tells me to do, especially when it may not be what others think is best or even what seems logical. and it's so nice to hear you feeling the same way, but still following yours! i'm really proud of you, and excited to hear about it along the way.

  3. we are so meant to be friends :)

  4. belinda, good to hear back from you- thank you so much!

    kelli- what wonderful + sweet words, seriously. thank you SO much. we're in this together :)

    jacin! ... i know. thank you for being an inspiration in the game of follow-your-heart life, with me. i'm sure we have similar stories of of the woes and loves. can't wait to share as we keep going in this. :)


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