what's good.

filling this little sketchbook so i almost need a new one, painting or drawing every day this week, and taking lots of pictures so i can also work from indoors when i need to. there is a difference between painting from life and painting from a photo. they go hand in hand, but sometimes one (or the other) captures something you didn't mean to, in a good way.
here is something that's wicked good. ...it's just... beyond me.

what's good with you?


  1. oh my goodness, I wish I could draw and paint like you! Both my grandmothers, mother and sister are all wicked talented in the art department - i have no idea how they fill up their sketchbooks the way they do - they look just like yours:) What's good with me is hangin' with my pup on the farm. Doesn't get better than that.

  2. thank you Laura! so much. (i wish i could be as detail-oriented as you!) your pup and the farm, that sounds amazing. thats like a ..."cold beer on a friday night, pair of jeans that fit just right"... kind of thing. i guess that means you are in NH right now :)


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