fits + starts

someday, i'll put up some more finished pieces. i just kind of blast through ideas while not being sure of the purpose right now. lots of starts. i'm hoping the finishes find ME.
a pink one for good luck. mmm..lilikoi frosting :)
it's so gray in my apartment with the rainy day outside... i think i'll just actually GO outside and try to capture the gray then. beats sitting inside trying to wish it away.

something i read yesterday and am still thinking about today:

etsy blog article: teaching kids to think big

the above etsy article is an important one to me. and it looks like to everyone else, too. there were hundreds of comments before mine, and tons of comments after... on "how do we help kids 'think big'." i often think about that, how i want to indulge creativity and imagination, and give my future children the tools to do what makes them happy in life... withOUT having to move far up into the woods away from cell phones and computers, and WITH having them still understand the societal, generational, hard work ethic, values.

here's what i said in response to the article:

i was lucky to grow up with a family who indulged my creativity and allowed me to be who i wanted to be. but, i do live in a society where i feel the need to put pressure on myself to have that tangible success, money and a material life to some extent. i don't think we can keep children from feeling this pressure, but i do think we can allow them to feel like it's okay to explore and question. and that their imaginations are free and always should be. indulge that however you can. knowing how to "make" things (whether it's food, art, music, ...) instills confidence. and i think as an adult, (someone above said this well...) we learn to re-evaluate the meaning of success. and, if we have been given the proper tools of love and respect and confidence and freedom ...as a kid, then as an adult we can learn to follow our hearts, knowing that we'll be much happier this way, and that THAT is success, and THAT is a purpose that's just as respectable as any other.

i'm not sure if that makes complete sense, but i do think someone else said it well, "think big yourself."

if you read the article, let me know what you think!


  1. it makes sense to me!! i totally agree with you!

  2. I love this post. The art is beautiful. I found you through SouleMama, and will definitely be back!

  3. Thank you so much, Erin! i love SouleMama's blog, esp. {this moment} segment. I see that you are creatively homeschooling your kids- this etsy article must have made sense to you. thanks again for the kind words and visit, come back soon! and i'll be over to yours... right now. :)


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